Research & Data Analysis Resources

What you don’t know can hurt you.

Today’s technology puts endless amounts of data at your fingertips, but data alone won’t help your business succeed. Real market intelligence comes from being able to discern relevant from irrelevant data. The MBA can connect you with the resources that will help you find and properly utilize the data that’s important to your business.

Those resources include:

  • Omni Tech International –Headquartered in Midland, Omni Tech offers consulting services and business solutions for the bio-based, chemicals and plastics, healthcare and manufacturing industries as well as non-profits.
  • Michigan Small Business Development Center (MSBDC) – MSBDC focus on building value, developing company strategy and providing low-cost resources and support so small businesses in Michigan can expand and grow.
  • Michigan Economic Development Corporation – MEDC provides reports and reference information for the state of Michigan and Michigan’s counties/regions.

Peer Assistance

Want assistance from other technology businesses and research institutions in the Midland area? These companies represent cutting-edge research in the Midland area:

University Partners

The MBA works with local universities to connect companies with available resources that can produce and interpret relevant data.

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