Governor’s Executive Order Raises Eyebrows, Prompts Action

We saw a little friction in Lansing last week, when the state Legislature voted to overturn the Governor’s Executive Order (EO) 2019—12. It’s the first time in 42 years that the Legislature has overturned an EO. Issuing Executive Orders and Executive Directives is certainly a gubernatorial prerogative, but at issue here is the fact that the EO effectively abolished opportunity for stakeholders’ input in specific instances.

The situation is outlined well in this article, published by The Detroit News on February 6, 2019. The Governor has stated that she’ll communicate with the Legislature to come up with solution amenable to both parties.

Because the issue of permitting input by stakeholders is specifically indicated in our Legislative Positions, we will keep an eye on this situation.

Click here to learn about the four Executive Orders and 12 Executive Directives issued thus far by Governor Whitmer.

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