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The Michigan Legislature introduces 3,000—4,000 bills each two-year legislative session. Most of them wouldn’t impact your business, even if they passed. But what about the ones that would impact your business? The Midland Business Alliance is tracking them on your behalf! We even have software in place to directly notify you when something needs your attention, and tools to help you easily engage with your elected officials.

It’s all housed in the Advocacy page of our website. You’ll find our current legislative positions, a link to bills introduced in the state Legislature that we are tracking (click on their individual links to see the latest with the bill, its sponsor, and dig into the details), find your own elected officials, and sign up (use your home address) to receive emails when there’s something timely that we recommend you act on. When we do contact you, we’ll provide tools so that it’s effortless for you to contact your elected official and voice your opinion.

Rest assured, we’re always advocating on behalf of business. But our tools make it easy for you to advocate, too. We’ve used this toolbox successfully in the past with local initiatives, and we’d love to significantly expand our database of individuals willing to receive notifications. Please go in today and sign up for alerts; it’ll take just a few seconds of your time. We appreciate your help!

3 Comments to Sign Up to Receive Advocacy-Related Alerts

  1. Catherine M Baase says:

    thank you for the option

  2. Joseph Kreusch says:

    Sign me up

  3. Diane Shields says:

    Please send me alerts

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